Cricket Captain 2008

Cricket Captain 2008

Become the manager of a cricket team

Manage a cricket team and take charge of almost everything humanly controllable in the sport. The game includes over 3,000 players and their full stats.

International Cricket Captain 2008 is a cricket management game. The game allows you to control nearly everything you can control regarding the great game of cricket. I remember having a little cricket set when I was younger. Although not the most thrilling of sports, it is certainly fun and challenging. The game also is. You get to manage both national and international cricket teams until you reach glory. The game features 3000 professional players and all their stats. So if you have a favorite player, you can expect him to be there. The rosters and schedules are updated for the year 2008. You can manage almost anything about your team. You can sell tickets for your games, in order to make money. You can now try young players out in your first team. You can train your players so that they become stars of the great game of cricket. All the players of the last 100 years have been given realistic visuals, so that you can identify them. The game engine has been redesigned to take advantage of the latest improvements in the field.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of players
  • Easy to play


  • A rather unpopular sport
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